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Turkey Dinner with All The Trimmings

At Christmas, don't be one of those greedy people who ask for a 50-inch plasma TV or a 2-carat diamond. Instead, how about a holiday meal that doesn't make you gain a pound per forkful? Here it is: my version of roast turkey dinner.

This meal takes less then an hour to make, a fraction less than typical turkey dinners. Poaching the turkey keeps the moist without any added fat. Plus, the poaching liquid is used for the gravy and the gluten free stuffing made with Udi’s Whole Grain Bread!

One more thing: Let's remind ourselves that holidays aren't a celebration of…

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Tuna Crudo

In Sorrento, a seaside town on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea I was served a raw dish so simple and delicious it reminded me of what I love most, simple pleasures. I was so inspired by Daniella Miccio’s tuna crudo in Sorrento. The dish reminded me again of how strong, simple flavor statements are so I changed my whole dish and came up with this one.

I like this because it is a great dish for all sorts of fish raw fish eaters, you can eat it after a two minute cure for rare and let it cure longer in the marinade for varying degrees of doneness. Four…

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Ricotta Gnudi

Gnudi are referred to as “cousins” of gnocchi because both are dumpling-like, but gnocchi are typically chewy and heavy, and gnudi are delicate pillows. They are from Tuscany. Gnudi means naked in Italian and they are called such as they are sort of pasta filling, with out the pasta.

Fat(g) Calories
Before 32 503
After 8.7 251
  • Yield: 4 mains
  • Prep time: approximately 10 minutes
  • Cook time: approximately 10…

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